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The last year has seen huge changes for almost all businesses. With much of the economy shutting down for large periods of time, it’s created extremely difficult times for a wide range of industries. How has it affected logistics though?

An Essential Industry

Whilst many industries have been forced to stay shut during lockdowns, the logistics sector has been seen as an essential sector, allowing it to continue running. With the need for supplies to be transported and food to be delivered to supermarkets, the logistics industry as a whole has been crucial to keeping the nation going.

With the need for more supplies, household products and foods to be delivered than ever, it has created an intense and busy period for logistics companies who have needed to meet tight deadlines with huge deliveries.

Due to the increased demand required from the logistics industry, many businesses have found that they are now busier than they’ve ever been, helping to grow the industry as a whole!

Increased online demand

Last year saw a huge increase in the use of online shopping. Whether it’s for food deliveries, new furniture or clothes shopping, many people in the UK resorted to staying at home and ordering it all online.

This led to a 50% increase in the UK’s ecommerce sector, helping the logistics industry to boom even more. Given that everything needed to be delivered – not just to warehouses and stores, but now to houses as well – it has intensified the busy period for logistics companies.

A Strong Industry

Overall, the pandemic has proven the logistics industry to be extremely strong and resilient, no matter what the conditions are like. At the very beginning of the pandemic, many logistics workers had been furloughed and activity had slowed, however just a few weeks later the industry was able to bounce back and return stronger than ever.

Since then, it has continued to prove itself as a major industry that is able to grow even during the hardest of times. Although we don’t yet know what lies ahead for the logistics industry, it’s safe to say that it will be able to handle almost anything and continue to be as strong as ever.