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Technology is constantly evolving and always changing the ways in which we operate. It has the ability to completely change industries and shape their future, as is the case for logistics and transportation. There are a huge number of opportunities for technology to change and improve the industry forever, from making it safer, to making it quicker and more efficient.

Self-driving vehicles

Although we already have self-driving vehicles, they’re still in very early stages and haven’t made their way into the logistics and transport sector yet. From what we have seen so far though, these vehicles have huge potential to transform the way in which goods are transported – they could reduce human errors on the road, allow drivers to get more rest on the road and improve fuel economy. 

It’s only a matter of time before we start to see this tech merge into the logistics industry and it will be exciting to see how useful it will be to drivers and companies.

Next-Gen GPS

GPS and navigations systems are extremely helpful in getting from point A to point B. When they first came about, they were extremely limited, only being able to show single routes, estimated times of arrival and rough mileage calculations. Nowadays, they provide far more help to drivers – from exact arrival times, to route alterations and traffic avoidance, to speed limit indicators. 

Overall, modern GPS systems can greatly improve journeys for those who use them, and it won’t be long before we see even more features incorporated with the potential to yet again improve the driving experience.

Collision Avoidance Technology

Lorries and large vehicles pose extra danger on the roads, simply due to their size and lack of manoeuvrability. Over 52% of all fatal motorway accidents involve HGVs, something which could be greatly reduced with new technology. Collision avoidance tech has already been seen in cars like Tesla’s and in some lorries, where vehicles can autonomously act to avoid an accident by braking, swerving or changing lanes quickly. Increased use of this technology in lorries could go a long way in preventing fatal accidents as it would reduce the likelihood of full-on collisions with HGVs involved. 


The use of drones to deliver goods is becoming more and more popular. Companies like amazon are already utilising them to deliver smaller orders autonomously. Although they’ll likely only ever be limited to smaller deliveries, drones could vastly improve the delivery chain by reducing costs and improving safety. They don’t require fuel and don’t require drivers, so they are cheaper to operate. They’ll also help to reduce road congestion and the need for even more delivery vehicles which would in turn make roads that little bit safer.

Delivery Tunnels

This is technology that is currently still in its planning phase, however, has the most potential to transform the logistics, transport and delivery industry. A British company named Magway is planning to build underground tunnels that would transport packages in pods. The tunnels would mean that delivery times could remain far more consistent than they do now, with far less traffic congestion and emissions. Underground delivery tunnels therefore have the potential to make logistics more efficient, more sustainable, cheaper and far safer for everyone.

These are just some of the technologies that have changed, are changing or could change transportation and logistics. Whether it’s making the process quicker, more sustainable for the future, safer, or cheaper, there are so many ways in which technology can improve transportation of goods. Which are you most excited to see development in?