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Beginning on the 19th of October, it’s Sustainability Week, aimed to raise awareness for the environment and get people to ask themselves: are we being as sustainable as we could be? So, we thought we’d point out a few ways that the logistics industry could focus on being as sustainable as it can!

What things can be done to increase sustainability in logistics?

Reduce Idling Time of Trucks

One of the simplest things that truck drivers themselves can do is to concentrate on reducing the idle time of their truck engines running. If there are any long stops, or waits for checks, then the engine should be shut off. This will save fuel that would otherwise be unnecessarily burnt, and in turn reduce carbon emissions. In addition to this, truck drivers should use their electrification systems to heat their trucks at truck stops, rather than switching their engines on. 

Trucking companies can also work on educating drivers about this so that they are aware of this and can work on doing it more often.

Optimise Routes

Companies who are transporting goods over longer distances can optimise the routes that they’re travelling, in order to reduce the fuel that is burnt. By ensuring that drivers are taking the shortest and easiest routes, with the least inclines, less fuel would be burnt. Over a large number of journeys, this saved fuel can not only lead to huge savings for logistics companies, but also huge carbon emissions savings too.

Collaborative Distribution 

Transportation companies can consider collaborative distribution, which would ensure that deliveries going to the same or a similar destination are transported on the same vehicle. This would help to reduce the number of journeys that are made, as well as the amount of empty space in trailers. In turn, this too would help the logistics industry become more sustainable as less overall journeys would be made, and less CO2 would be emitted. 

Keeping Trucks Up To Date

Another relatively easy way for logistics companies to become more sustainable overtime is to simply keep their truck fleets updated and modern. With constant advancements in engine technology, and even the introduction of electric trucks, all new versions will be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Although it adds a larger initial expense for companies when purchasing newer vehicles, over time it will be a cost-effective method to operate as it will lead to huge fuel savings, lower road taxes and fewer break down costs.

By planning effectively and carrying out environmentally friendly practices like those mentioned above, logistics companies can ensure that they’re continually becoming more sustainable. Given that the logistics sector is one of the largest in the UK, it would lead to huge overall benefits for climate protection and a sustainable economy that can continue long into the future.