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As ratchet straps get used, they start to become weaker over time until eventually, they become legally unsafe to use for heavy load securing. However, that doesn’t mean you need to throw them away, and there are some ways that you can use your old straps.

  1. Tie items together or to the sides in the back of your van.
    • Although you can’t use your old straps to secure very heavy cargo items, you can still use them to secure smaller objects or furniture within the back of your van.

  2. Secure luggage/roof boxes to the top of your vehicle.
    • Have you ever found yourself trying to drive with something that is never going to fit within your vehicle? Perhaps you have large baggage items such as ski’s or snowboards, or a roof box. You can use your old straps to tie luggage and secure it to the top of your vehicle as this won’t require as much strength as cargo securing. You can also use them as an extra measure to secure your roof box – you can’t make something too secure right?

  3. Stop items from sliding around or jumping up in your truck bed.
    • If you have a truck that you often carry loose items around in, you can use old ratchet straps to keep these in position and prevent them from sliding, jumping or bashing around. Simply tie your strap around the object(s) and secure it to the floor or the side of your truck bed. 

  4. Use them to keep bins and lids shut during storms.
    • When it’s windy out, bins and baskets with lids on that you might store in your garden or driveway tend to get blown about. One way to make sure that nothing comes out of them is to use your old ratchet straps to keep the lids nice and tightly shut. Simply tie your strap around the bin vertically so that the lid cannot open once it’s pulled tight and you won’t have to worry about the weather flinging your rubbish everywhere!

  5. Use them for hanging storage in your garage.
    • Have you ever run out of space in your garage, wondering if there was any way to squeeze more in? Well that’s where your old ratchet straps come into play. You’ll need to find a way to secure them to the ceiling, but once you have, they can be used as hanging storage for all kinds of things. Kayaks, bikes, empty suitcases, empty roof boxes and so much more!

As you can see, you don’t need to throw away a ratchet straps, just because it can’t be used for heavy duty cargo anymore. There are plenty of uses that will allow them to live on and serve a purpose!

If you do however require straps for more heavy-duty tasks, be sure to renew your straps when necessary. Feel free to view our range of affordable, durable UK ratchet straps. Fast UK shipping or next day Click & Collect available!