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Taking good care of your ratchet straps is always important as it will help them last longer and remain safe to use. Especially during the winter months, you should focus on the proper care for ratchet straps, as the harsher weather conditions can lead to faster deterioration. Here are some top tips that’ll keep your ratchet straps healthier for longer.

Store your straps indoors 

A great way to prevent damage to your ratchet straps is to store them in a nice dry place, out of the way of weather. Whenever you’re not using a strap, try to keep it neatly stored indoors so that it can remain dry. This will prevent mould from building on your straps, as well as preventing rust from forming after being left out in the rain. A simple step like this will keep your ratchet straps in safe working order for much longer!

Don’t store your webbing straps wet

Much like with tents or sheets, webbing straps should always be dried off before you wrap them up for storage. If you leave them damp and then place them together for storing, then mildew and mould are far more likely to build up. If your straps go rotten then they’ll become unsafe to use and you’ll have to replace them.

After your straps become wet, hang them out to dry properly before placing them into storage containers.

Dry your ratchet handles when they get wet

Much like the webbing of your straps, your handles should also be dried after getting wet. If they are stored whilst damp or wet, they won’t be able to dry effectively and in turn, rust will begin to form. This will make the ratchets harder to use and if the problem continue, could make them completely unusable. By patting them dry or leaving them out to dry, you can make sure that rust can’t build up as easily and keeps your straps in use for longer.

Remove the handle from the webbing

When you’re not using a ratchet strap, you should always try to separate the handle from the webbing as it will prevent the strap from wrapping too tightly around the spindle. It will also stop the webbing from catching on the teeth of the ratchet, which could one day lead to tears and rips of your webbing.

Lubricate your ratchets

If you can, you should try and keep your ratchet handles lubricated with an effective industrial oil or spray. This will make sure the mechanism moves properly without issues and will allow for easy use. In turn, the health of the metal and joints will remain in good working order for much longer.

Be careful to avoid getting the oil on the webbing itself as this could damage it and cause it to bind.

By following all of these quick and easy tips, you can ensure that your ratchet tie down straps remain strong and safe to use for a long time. Make sure to always check straps before using them to ensure there is no significant damage that could make them ineffective. 

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